Computer/Internet Basics Agenda

Week 1: Read and Forward Email
Week 2: Compose and send email
Week 3: Internet
Week 4: Overview
Week 5: (Safely) Providing information
Week 6: More Web Browsing

Week 1: Read Email

Key Skills
- Using mouse, trackpad and touchscreen to click and scroll

- Gmail Inbox window and its parts
- Email window and its parts

- Read and forward email

Week 2-Compose and send email

Key Skills
Cursor: Arrow vs pointing vs carrot (I)
- Enter to move to next line
- Arrow keys to move around
- Backspace/delete

- Compose an email window

- Compose and send new email
- Read reply to email

Week 3 – Internet

Key Skills
Using mouse/trackpad/touchscreen in browser
- Scroll and select

- Browser window

Go to webpage by entering its address
Select link to go forward to a new page
Use back arrow to go back to previous page

Week 4-Searching Internet

Key Skills
Navigate to address using address bar (Ctl-D)
Adjusting browser window size
Multiple tabs/windows and ESC key

Google search results

Use google search page to search on term
Send email with Internet Link using drag
Send email with Internet picture using drag
Save link with bookmark

Week 5 – Providing information

Key Skills
Function keys (reload page, etc)

Address Bar
- http vs https
- flash
Scam emails that request information
Movies and audio

Search for images and video
Add bookmark to video or images

Week 6 – More Web Browsing

- news (cnn or msnbc)